The Israeli occupation confiscating classroom chairs and tables from an elementary school

10/09/2020 – Israeli occupation confiscated classroom chairs and tables at elementary school in the Palestinian community of Ras al-Tin

Four days after the beginning of the school year, in the early morning hours before students arrived, Civil Administration personnel came with a military and Border Police escort and a crane truck to the Palestinian community of Ras al-Tin, east of Ramallah. The forces confiscated ten panels from the school’s roof, 30 chairs and 12 classroom tables.

The students were forced to study under the scorching sun as they sat on the ground.

Just a week ago, on 3 September 2020, the Civil Administration confiscated ten tin panels, four cinder block pallets, 30 classroom chairs and 12 tables. On 31 August 2020, they confiscated building materials intended for further construction of the school.

Source/ B’Tselem

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