Increasing medical violations against Palestinian prisoners in Israeli occupation prisons

The Prisoners’ Affairs Authority said that the occupation prisons administration deliberately targeted Palestinian prisoners by neglecting their health conditions and not dealing with them seriously, and it is content to give painkillers without providing real treatment for their cases.
The authority referred to a number of difficult medical cases in the occupation prisons, including the case of the prisoner Jamal Omar (49 years) from the city of Hebron, who suffers from a cancerous tumor in the liver and kidneys.
And to the prisoner, Mazouz Bishart (45 years), from the village of Tamoun in the Tubas governorate, he complains of severe back pain and cannot walk for more than 5 consecutive minutes, as a result of being severely beaten during his interrogation.
She stated that the prisoner Ibrahim Ghunaimat (42 years old) from Surif town in Hebron complains of a blockage in the arteries and a weak heart muscle, and an operation is scheduled for him to implant a “battery” in the heart, but the “Raymond” administration has been delaying his referral for the operation and receiving treatment about a year ago.
The Prisoners’ Authority pointed out that the prisoner Hussam Abu Hussein (30 years) from the city of Hebron, who is in “Ofer” detention center, suffers from several health problems. He suffers from thalassemia and before his arrest he performed several operations and the kidneys, spleen and gallbladder were removed, and he also complained of an enlarged liver. He is in urgent need of special medical follow-up, and to receive units of blood from time to time due to his health condition.


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